Lit NYC Nail Polish Review

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Today I have a review of Lit NYC nail polish for you! The very cool thing about this polish is that there is an LED light embedded in the lid. The light shines directly on to your nail when you’re painted and makes it hella easier to see what you’re doing! The light in the first picture is coming from the polish bottle itself and not from my camera flash. (Flash wasn’t even on!)


When you pull the brush out, the light shines right down where your nail would be. There is a little on/off switch on the top of the lid.


I think this little invention is genius and I wish it was on all my polish bottles! As you can see, I was able to get much closer than usual to my cuticle line for one reason…I could see it better! I have a ton of lamps on my desk to brighten up the place, but my head or weird shadownyc-lit-desire


To add a touch of flair, I used It Girl Fashion Plate IG104 and Konad Black to stamp this design on top.


Author: Anne

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