FairyTale Finish December 2015

{Purchased by Me}

I have the December 2015 Fairytale Finish subscription box polishes to show you! This month’s theme is “Things with Wings”. (Next month’s theme is “The Little Mermaid” so if you haven’t signed up, there is still time! fairytalefinishpolish.com)

First up is Fairytale Finish Dragon’s Spell. This is a purple jelly with multi-colored glitters. I think Amanda did a good job capturing the essence of what a fairy tale dragon would look like! I can’t help but think of dragon scales when I look at the glitters in this polish.



FairyTale Finish To the Beat of the Hum is a light teal crelly with multi-colored glitters. I did two coats with this one, but the second coat was thicker than I normally would use. That way, I got full opaqueness.



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