Earth Theraputics Eyebrow Grooming Set Review

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Earth Theraputics send me their eyebrow grooming set to review. I am obsessed with getting my eyebrows to look right and it’s a never ending battle! So I jumped at the chance to review a high-quality eyebrow grooming kit to see if I could tame these angry caterpillars.


The grooming kit comes in a perfect little storage and travel pouch that holds all the tools. The tools included are a shaver, tweezers, scissors, and a dual use brow/lash comb.



Have you ever tried taking selfies whilst also grooming your face? It’s actually quite difficult! So I apologize for the weird facial expressions. These are basically the expressions that I make when I’m working on my face. LOL.

I have found that the brow routine that works best for me is to get them waxed professionally every month or so and then do a little upkeep myself inbetween appointments. Lately, I’ve been using the Benefit Brow Bar for my waxings.

The tools included in the Earth Theraputics grooming kit can be used to completely do your own browns (if you’re more talented than me) or they can be used for upkeep after seeking professional help.


The brow and lash brush has nice, stiff bristles. They are very good at bossing around my rebellious eyebrow hairs. My brows are extra hard to manage because I have numerous bald spots, the hair is thin, and the hair is LONG. It’s like the trifecta of bad brow genes.


The eyebrow scissors are quite wonderful. The best part is that there is a little comb attached so it’s easy to use. I used to use a little comb in one hand and scissors in another. But this makes it one-stop trimming without needed extra tools. Plus, the scissors are quite sharp so they cut easily and have clean lines.


The eyebrow shaver is great for large areas where you don’t want hair. For example, the space in between the brows. When you use a shaver, you avoid the irritation of tweezing or waxing.


The tweezers have a really nice sharp angle. Nobody likes dull tweezer edges. The sharper the tweezer edge, the easier to is to grab those stubborn hairs that continuously try to evade being plucked.


Overall, I think this is a great little eyebrow grooming set. It’s portable and the tools are well made. Now I just have to keep practicing getting my brows filled in just right!

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