Chopsaver Review

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Chopsaver sent me their lip balm to review for you. Chopsaver was invented by a trumpet player who needed his lips to be moisturized in so that dry lips didn’t adversely affect his craft. I totally get this. I played the oboe for a number of years and it was a delicate balance between moisturizing and not having too much goop that gets in the way of playing. (My oboe teacher used to lecture me on how I wear too much lipstick. LOL. All my reeds were tinted pink and red.)

This lip blam couldn’t have come at a better time for me. It’s been pretty cold around here lately and my lips are definitely feeling it. I started carrying Chopsaver around everywhere I went and I can now tell you this is a great lip balm!


This one doesn’t have much of a smell, which is really nice. Sometimes the scented lip balms don’t work as well as a product that is just focusing on being good at what it’s supposed to do. Chopsaver is a lip balm work horse and does a great job treating my chronic dry lips.



Thanks for reading my Chopsaver review! What do you think of this balm? Had you heard of it before?



Author: Anne

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