Seahawks Nail Art

{Purchased By Me}

Today’s post was an attempt at some Seahawks nail art but turned in to a bit of a fail. I started with Pipe Dream Polish Celebration on most nails and Pipe Dream Polish Tabanca on my accent nail.


The colors aren’t quite right for the Seahawks, but I liked this and would have worn it. I should have stopped there!


Earlier this year, I bought these Seahawks nail decals from AM Nails. I thought this would be the perfect mani to wear these with. However, these decals are just not good. I rarely give a terrible review (I try and be balanced with both pros and cons) but these are just unusable. The color bleeds, they wrinkle (even before topcoat!) and they do not adhere well to the nail. (I’m used to water decals having a bit of suction so they don’t slide all over while you’re reaching for topcoat). I can’t recommend these at all which makes me super sad because I also bought some Doctor Who decals from this same maker!


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