Lanza Healing Oil Combing Cream Review

{Press Sample}

Lanze sent me their Healing Oil Combing Cream to review for you! The combing cream reduces frizz, reduced flyaways, shortens drying time, detangles, and prevents damage. Visit for more information, such as where to buy.





The cream smells delightful! It goes in smoothly into my hair. I use every day after my shower and before drying and styling my hair.


I have my hair extensions in for this picture and that was totally on purpose. :) The hair in the extensions is extremely silky smooth. In order for them to look natural, my hair needs to also be smooth and silky so it blends in! Lanza healing haircare was the solution!


What do you think of the Lanza Healing Haircare? Do you think it’s something that would work for you?


Author: Anne

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