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Got2B sent me two more products to review for you! I loved the first review I did for them, so I jumped at the chance to do another. This time, I received two products from their frizz control collection. On the left is the got2b smooth operator lustre lotion. On the right is the got2b glossy shime serum.



I’ve been using these every day for over a week and I think they are fabulous! In fact, they are so fabulous that they make my hair TOO smooth! LOL. What is ‘too smooth’ you ask? Well, I noticed my hair had a harder time keep a curl because it was so smooth! What a silly problem to have, right? My favorite of the two products is the shine serum. I used it on wet hair but I also used it on dry hair to tame flyaways. (Quick tangent: My little sister used to call fly aways ‘stray ponies’. Her logic was that if you’re putting your hair into a PONYtail, then the escaped ones must be stray ponies.)

Here are some selfies I took for some other reviews. In each of these photos, I am also using these two got2b frizz control products. I think my hair looks a lot shinier and smoother than before I used these. It is certainly softer to the touch. I noticed that difference right away!



I would certainly recommend these products, even if you have fine hair. As noted above, it might make it a little tougher to keep a curl, but used sparingly, they are quite awesome.




What do you think of these products? Are you going to try them?

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