True Lipz Lip Gloss Review

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True Lipz sent me three of their lipglosses to review for you. True Lipz boasts core ingredients of lanolin and dragon’s blood. (Not real blood of course! It’s a bright red sap found in the Amazon. It’s locally said to have benefits for the skin and works as an antioxidant.)


I was sent L037, L034, and F023 pictured below from left to right.


Each gloss has a mirror on the side which is super, dupe helpful! The lids also light up making it a lot easier to apply the gloss in dim lighting!!


Swatched from top to botton: F023, L035, L037. I wish these had names. It’s not very fun to talk about “L035”. I couldn’t find any names other than the product code on any of the packaging.


First worn, I have L034. This is the one in the red tube above. It was super moisturizing, but I wish it had more color payout. I didn’t think this was much different than my natural lips.



Then I wore F023 which has a bit more color payoff than the previous gloss.



Third, I wore L037 which also doesn’t have too much color payoff. I can hardly tell the difference between this one and the first one. In the bottle, one is bright red and the other is deep plum. I should be able to tell the difference once applied, but I can’t.



I like a lot of things about these glosses – the moisture, the mirror, the light in the lid – but the lack of color payoff leaves much to be desired. I hope that they will keep working on the formula and will add more pigment into the glosses! I’d love to try these again if they were more pigmented.

Author: Anne

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