Irresistible Me Hair Extensions Review

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Irresistible Me contacted me about reviewing their hair extensions. I immediately said “yes” because I’ve always wanted to try hair extensions! With the assistance of my husband, I selected the 22″ (he wanted the 24″!) extensions in Rosewood from the Royal Remy line. When you’re selecting your hair extensions, you’ll want to refer to their fact sheet so you can get an idea of what weights and length definitions are. I was sent the 200 g set which comes with 10 pieces: 1 weft with 4 clips, 2 wefts of 3 clips, 5 wefts of 2 clips, and 2 wefts of 1 clip. I actually can’t even fit all those pieces in my hair so I also have a few left over parts. :)

 Here is a picture of all the wefts hanging from a pants hanger in my bathroom.

Hair Extensions Review

Putting in the hair extensions is so easy. It’s way easier than I thought. Before the extensions arrived, I watched a bajillion (yes, I counted) YouTube videos of how to do it. That is just not necessary. You part your hair horizontally starting at the bottom. Clip in extensions at the roots. Let your hair down and part it again horizontally slightly higher than the first part. Clip in extensions. Repeat until you’re at the top. :) There isn’t really a science to which clips go where in your hair. It’s more like whatever fits in that ‘spot’. The exception is if you decide to get the extensions professionally cut. Then, you will need to label each weft for where it needs to go on your head to maintain that look. Let’s be honest for a moment…I’m lazy so I’m not going to do that. It’s all about looking pretty with as little effort as possible for me!


These are SUPER long. And I love it. And so does my husband. This length is what my sister and I would refer to as “mermaid hair”. Mermaid hair is when your hair is so long that it covers your boobs so that way, when you jump out of the water to save your prince, your not too indecent. ;)


I wore these extensions all day and I was shocked at how comfortable they are. My head didn’t hurt at all at the end of the day, despite the added weight. I typically hate hats and headbands because any pressure on my head will give me a headache. I’m a high maintenance princess like that. But these were hardly noticeable! I even fell asleep with them in (on the couch. Like a real glamour queen) and since the clips are so flat, it was like they were hardly there.


I pretty much want to wear these every day… so here I am hanging out on the couch…by myself…with hair extensions in.



Oh hey! I’m not by myself! Bandit is joining the party!



I wear glasses when I’m not trying to impress anyone…


I can’t rave about these enough. They are so easy to put in. They curl like normal hair because they¬†are normal hair. My husband thinks it’s super sexy. (And mama ain’t complainin’ about that! :P ) I feel really pretty with all this glorious princess hair.

If you want gorgeous princess hair, then these extensions are the ones to get. If you’re not sure on color, then go slightly lighter. You can dye this hair and it’s easier to add color on top of a light extension that it would be to try and lighten an extension that’s too dark.

Since this is real hair, you will need to wash it every once in a while. The website and other reviews I’ve seen says about every 10-20 uses. I used some hair spray on mine, so it will be closer to 10 uses.

I want to wear these every day. Do you think that would be weird to show up to work one day with super long hair??

My final comment about this is a comment a friend of mine made when she saw me wearing this. I hadn’t seen her in about a month and she says, “Holy crap! How fast does your hair grow?!”

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