Baby Foot Review (Caution: Foot Pics)

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Baby Foot sent me their exfoliant foot peel to review for you. This post contains pictures of feet so if that bothers you, I would recommend skipping. If you have a foot fetish…um…just keep that to yourself. LOL.


The claims of the products are that it will remove all the dry, dead skin on your feet.


The package comes with two single-use booties. You wear them for one hour and then toss them out.


In 5-7 days, your dead skin will start peeling off your feet.


(This is where the feet pics start!)

Here are my poor, sad feet before Baby Feet. They are dry and itchy. I put lotion on them, but that only provides temporary relief.




I followed the directions exactly and wore the booties for one hour. Then, I rinsed the gel off. After a couple days, I started to wonder if anything was going to happen at all. Then, one morning I woke up and could see that something was changing. The dead skin was starting to crack. Some parts even looked like fishscales.


Then, the next day, it was clear that the dead skin had starting flaking and peeling away! Isn’t that crazy? Something I put on my feet on Friday made this happen on Tuesday!


Here are my feet one week and two days later. I am baffled and impressed. Baby Feet worked better than I possibly could have imagined. And now my feet don’t itch anymore! I am now a true believer in Baby Feet and will be purchasing them again. The packaging says to use it every few months as needed. (Not recommended for pregnant or nursing women.)




You can buy Baby Foot on Amazon. If my review doesn’t convince you, then maybe nearly 3,000 Amazon reviews will! With an average of 4 stars!!!!

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