I Will Master the Watermarble!!!!

{Purchased By Me}

I *WILL* master the freaking watermarble! As with anything, it just takes lots and lots of practice!! Today’s marble used Sally Hansen Fright Night and Sally Hansen OMGhost from last year’s Halloween Insta-Dri collection. The accent nails are Pretty Serious Sugar Cake which is a gorgeous hot pink creme.


This one would have been pretty awesome if the stupid topcoat hadn’t smeared the marble. (//Cries into bowl of acetone.) But now I know  – use Seche Vite. I used SV on my other hand and nothing smeared…so…lesson learned. The smearing topcoat was Digital Nails Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That which I really love as a quick dry topcoat but apparently I shouldn’t use it on top of nail art that took me all day.



Author: Anne

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