Bliss No. 10 Swatches

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Bliss No. 10 sent me a trio polish sampler to swatch and show to you! I got sent Hot Chili Pepper, Starry Midnight Black, and Isle of Dreams. Each polish comes in a cute, branded black box.


Bliss No. 10 Isle of Dreams is a lovely metallic light green.



Bliss no. 10 Starry Midnight Black is a gorgeous deep blue with teeny shimmers.



Bliss No. 10 Red Chili Pepper is a gorgeous classic red creme.



These polishes applied quite smoothly! I wore Isle of Dreams for 24 hours and had no issues – no chipping or other unseemly side effects. I would certainly buy and wear these polishes.
Given the recent issue with a big-name indie brand, I asked Bliss No. 10 a few questions so we can be educated consumers!
Here are a few notes from the maker, Anne Everett:·       I’ve been making polish for about a year now, however, I just started selling it this summer.

·         I get my bases from TKB Trading

·         I’ve been wearing my own polish since I started making it last year.  I generally keep  my nails painted about 5 out 7 days of the week (testing the longevity) every week.  I always wear it, and my two young daughters wear it sometimes as well.

·         Before I released this first line in the summer, I had several focus groups try the polish.  It only totaled about 15 people but I didn’t receive any problematic feedback and have not received any from my customers.

Author: Anne

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