Starlooks Looksbook August 2015

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Starlooks sent me their August 2015 Looksbook to share with you! If you like what you see, you can sign up for $12/month using this referral link! Each month, you get three brand new, limited edition “Perfect Size” items. (That’s code for mini’s.) Each month, it comes in a lovely box with a fold out brochure to give you a ‘look’ idea.

You also get three coupon codes to various sites. Unfortunately, this month, none of them were ones I was compelled to use.

The Looksbook comes in a literal book. The packaging is super cute and it felt more like a present than other sub boxes.



In the book/box, they provide a foldout brochure with suggestions on how to wear the products provided.



This month, we got three products: A lipstick, an eyeshadow duo, and an eyeshadow stick.



The packaging of these items looks fancier than normal Starlooks products. It must be something about the gold accents! :)




Upon swatching these, I could tell these are not really ‘my’ colors. I don’t look that great in orange and both the eyeshadow and the lipstick have quite a bit of orange in them. Being the trooper that I am, I decided to create a look using them nonetheless.



The green shadow stick does not have a very good color payoff. I would get some on my lid, but when I tried to blend it so it didn’t look clumpy, the color just left. Believe it or not, I did put it on for these pictures!



The powder eyeshadow looked a lot better than I was expecting. I was worried it would look super orange on my lids but it actually looks ok. The lipstick is too light for me. I like a rosier lip.


If this was my first experience with a Starbox, I would be a tad disappointed. However, I know that they have a track record of some pretty great boxes, so I would recommend sticking around. This makeup combo would probably look pretty fantastic on someone less pale than me and perhaps with a different personality. :)

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