Gwynnie Bee Review – The Solution of What to Wear!

{Purchased By Me}

I recently subscribed to Gwynnie Bee which is basically Netflix for clothes! (If you use my referral link, you’ll get your first month free! Click here!)

Here’s the short version of my review:

  • Netflix for clothes
  • No washing clothes
  • Buy what you love
  • Click here to sign up

The basic concept is you pick some clothes that you want to wear. You put them in your virtual closet and then Gwynnie Bee will send you the number of items you’ve subscribed for. I have taken some screenshots of my account to help illustrate how the service works.


The next step is to browse items. They have dresses, pants, tops, blouses, and outerwear.


When you find something you like, click on it, select your size, and add it to your closet.



Once you fill up your closet, Gwynnie Bee will send you the number of items you’ve subscribed to. I’m on the three-at-a-time plan.


If I end up loving an item, I can purchase it at a discount and keep it! The three items I have right now are each about $30-$45 to buy.

When you’ve worn an item or decide you don’t want it at home any more, just login and tell Gwynnie Bee that you’re sending it back. Then, they will start preparing to ship another item from your closet. Here is a look at my closet:


When you send it back, you don’t even need to wash it! They launder it for you! Say what?!?!?! If that’s not worth the fee, I don’t know what is! :P They included two return envelopes with my box. This means they’re either assuming I’ll keep one or return two at a time. :)

I got a number of compliments when wearing these clothes. Not just from my friends, but from strangers in the grocery story! I think that’s the final work that I’m going to keep this subscription!

Author: Anne Smith

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