ClenziDerm MD Review

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ClenziDerm MD sent me their acne solutions to review for you. As you probably know by now, I’m lucky enough to not suffer from acne. I do, however, get a breakout here and there so I wanted to see how well these products fared against those pimples!



I didn’t do a before and after picture because, let’s be honest, nobody wants to see closeup pictures of my zits. I usually get ones that my family calls “undergrounders”. They don’t have an opening at the top so you couldn’t pop them, even if you wanted to. (Don’t!!!) They just hurt and get red and are horrible. I got one on the tip of my nose once. My mom called me “Rudolph” for a week! (Go ahead. You can laugh. It’s funny!)  I sure wish I had ClenziDERM back then!! :P



ClenziDERM MD comes with a lotion, a toner, and a moisturizer. I used all three as spot-treatments when zits would rear their ugly heads. In most cases, they were gone by the next morning! A few of the bigger ‘undergrounders’ took a couple days to fade away, but that is way faster than when I used to just let them run their course!

I would recommend ClenziDERM to a friend. Especially if that friend had zits.

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