Hair Care Products Review

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I was sent a variety of hair care products to review for you! There are a number of different brands represented here, but I’m going to put them all in one post since they were sent to me in one box. :) (Never say I didn’t do anything logical! LOL!)


This John Freida brush touts that it will help generate full volume. This one took quite a bit of getting used to because I typically use a boar’s hair brush with a wooden handle. The rubber and the plastic of this brush was a huge difference from what I’m used to using. However, once I got the hang of it, I really enjoyed using it! It has a knack for bossing my hair around!


Hair2Wear Fishtail Headband. This is a real human hair braided headband to help make your lazier hair days look more put together! I wasn’t able to actually wear this since it’s not the same color as my hair. I have this unnatural red hair and this is a lovely brunette. This is well made and I would buy it if I saw one that matched my hair color better! (Scroll down for a special surprise……)


Philip B Jet Set Precision Control Hair Spray. This hair spray keeps its hold well…until you get rained on. LOL. I wasn’t a big fan of the smell, but otherwise this is a pretty decent hair spray.


Scuni bobby bins in brunette. Who doesn’t need more bobby pins? I know I’ve bought about a million bobbies in my life, but they keep running away. I swear I give them a nice home environment, but they’re all still off somewhere in the wilderness, probably gallivanting around with my missing socks.

These bobbies stayed in my hair well and I’ll definitely look for Scuni next time I’m in the market!


For this look, I used the John Freida brush to create volume whilst blow drying my hair. Then, I used the bobby pins to pull back the hair around my temples. Finally, I used the Philip B hair spray to set the look.



And now for your special surprise! I didn’t model the fishtail braid for you, but my husband did! He even did sexy duckface for you. And he is also a great model for good dental hygiene.


What do you think of these products? Would you try any of these?

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