Back to School Deals with Sears!

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I always loved back to school shopping when I was a kid. I loved all the new office supplies the most! And let’s be honest – I still do. There’s nothing like opening a crisp, new notebook to that first page. A page full of possibilities and knowledge yet to be learned!

Another one of the hallmarks of a new school year was getting new uniforms! In high school, I had to wear khaki pants and a white colored shirt. Did you know that Sears has an entire school uniform section? Shop now and get 5% cash back when you shop via ShopAtHome.

These are nearly identical to the pants I had to wear growing up!

khaki pants

Funny story… When I went to college, it was the very first time in my life where I had to dress myself every day without the guidance of a school uniform. I seriously didn’t know what to wear!!!

I told my story above about loving a new notebook, but that’s pretty 80’s and 90’s, isn’t it?? Kids these days (golly, I sound old) use technology in the classroom more than they use paper! I’m a HUUUGE fan of Samsung (don’t even get me started. I’ll talk your ear off) so this Galaxy Tab A would be my #1 choice of technology to send off to school with my (yet-to-be-born/conceived) children.Ā  (Pro-Tip: Use this link to buy the Tab A and get $5 off your purchase. Yes, that is in addition to the 5% cash back you get!!)


All kids need to be sent off to school with a super hip writing instrument! And what’s more super hip than this floating TARDIS pen?!?!?!?!!?!?!!? Ok…so maybe it’s not ‘super hip’ as in like ‘it’ll make them tons of friends’. But it will make them friends that matter. Because there is nothing more wonderful than finding other Whovians amongst the crowd.


It’s possible that my favorite part of getting ready for the new school year was organizing my new backpack! Sears has some serious sales going on right now with backpacks. Please tell me I’m not the only adult that misses being able to carry a backpack!!
prod_1408334312Disclaimer: I could not find a Doctor Who backpack on Sears’s website, otherwise I would have obviously shown you that one. Obviously.

WAIT. Stop the presses!! This one has puppies on it!!!!!!!!! I would get this one!


If your child doesn’t have to wear a school uniform, can you please buy this freakin’ adorable outfit and send me pictures? Because I would buy this for my imaginary child in a heartbeat!


Make sure to peruse the site for more back to school deals with Sears! A lot of stuff is on sale! You can save up to 50% off their back to school sale!

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