Got2B Mind Blowing Review

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got2be sent me three of their mind blowing styling products to review and share with you! This brand is owned by Schwarzkopf which you already know that I love. They also sent me this adorable makeup bag made by SoHo.



I got the quick style mousse, fast dry hair spray, and quick styling spray.



got2b-mind-blowing-review soho-makeup-bag


The main thing I noticed was how much shinier my hair was when using these products! I used all three each day and was impressed by the shine each day! To ensure that it wasn’t some other product giving me the shine, I changed shampoo and conditioner each day. (This was clearly a very scientific experiment.)

Much to my delight, I got shiny hair each day, regardless of what shampoo and conditioner combo I used.




I am very happy with how my hair looks using these products. My hair and I have a hate-hate relationship. So whenever it looks like I even tried a little bit, I’m happy! You know I’m super happy when I’m compelled to take a selfie using duckface.



To reward you for scrolling all the way to the bottom of this post, you get to see silly face.


You can find got2be in drugstores nationwide as well as online retailers such as Amazon.

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