Ponilox Review

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Ponilox sent me their flagship hair accessory to review for you! When I’m feeling lazy, I normally use a butterfly clip to pull back my hair. However, the 90’s called and asked for their hair accessory back. Good thing Ponilox contacted me!! I was going to have to use an ugly rubberband!!!

The box came with two Ponilox accessories – a tortoiseshell and a black one, both with rhinestones.


The teeth of the Ponilox help keep the barrette in place leaving more room for experimentation than with a typical barrette.


The barrette piece simply unlatches from the comb on one side for easy use and placement.


Here is a suggested hair style. This postcard is included in the box with your purchase.


Here is what the front looked like. Since my hair was going to be up, I went with a bold red lip to ensure there was something to look at for your viewing pleasure. ;)


Ready for my first-ever back-of-the-head photography session?? It was so hard to photograph! LOL!


I got quite a few compliments when I wore this to work! Little do they know it was so easy! And I didn’t even wash my hair! *gasp*


I did redo it a few times throughout the day as my hair began to loosen. This is something I’m used to doing with such fine hair. If you have thicker hair with a little more texture, it’s quite possible you wouldn’t have to touch this up at all throughout the day.

I’m pretty excited about this new hair accessory and I’m glad Ponilox sent it my way. It makes a lazy hair day super easy without looking like you put zero effort in. I’m all about looking like I put in effort when I actually put in zero effort. It’s my typical MO!

Thanks for stopping by to read my Ponilox review! What do you think of it? Is this something you’re going to put into your hair style toolkit?

Author: Anne

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