Fairytale Finish Washington Fandoms!!

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Fairytale Finish came out with some fabulous new duos to celebrate Washington Fandoms! What Fandoms am I referring to? The Seahawks and the Sounders, of course!!

First, let’s take a look at the Seahawks Duo, called “12 Isn’t a Number, It’s a Way of Life”.

This is Fairytale Finish Make Them See Green which I actually had the honor of naming! Now I’m wondering if I missed a great opportunity for a hilarious pun…I should have suggested “Make Them Sea Green”. LOL! See what I did there?! Oh man. Sometimes I crack me up! I used two thin coats for this swatch. Yep! Just two! Amanda, the creator of Fairytale Finish, said three might be necessary but I was happy with two coats so why waste perfectly good polish??



The second polish in this duo is Fairytale Finish Beastquake! This is a dark blue linear holo and it’s gooooorgeous!



Next, we have the Seattle Sounders duo called “Sounders Faithful”.

This is Fairytale Finish Rave Green and is a gorgeous neon green with blue glitters. Once again, Amanda said three coats were in order. I did two coats on one nail and three coats on the others. Can you tell which one just has two coats? Nope! Neither can I! We have another two-coater here, folks!



Now you better sit down and hold on to your hats because this next one is a doozy!!!!!!

This is Fairytale Finish Eternal Blue and it’s amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing. I am so in love with this. I gazed at every photo I took with love in my eyes. (And not just because of the heart glitters!) I have it swatched here over black but you can swatch it over all colors for different effects!!



Thanks again to Fairytale Finish for dropping these off at my house last night. :) :) :)

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