Mango Bunny Polish In-Crelly-Ble White Sale Swatches!!

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Mango Bunny Polish is having an In-Crelly-Ble White Sale! If you purchase a Surprise Bunny Duo, you will get two mystery crelly polishes! Some of the Surprise Bunnies are prototypes and others are just fun combinations they’re testing. Ed gave me four of their wonderful crellies to swatch and show you! None of these have names since they’re prototypes and experiments, so I’m just going to make up fake names for them. :)

This first Surprise Bunny has yellow, pink, and lavender glitters. The great thing about Mango Bunny Polish is that their formula is amazing. I usually have a little pulling with glitter crellies but these babies are smooth as butter. Hence, I will be naming this one Baby Bunny.



The second Surprise Bunny has coral and aqua glitters. It’s a gorgeous color combination!! Since I love this color combination, I’m going to call this one Love Bunny.



The third Surprise Bunny has gold and purple glitters. I had to be careful wearing this one around my husband because gold and purple are the colors of University of Washington and my husband went to Washington State University; they are sworn rivals!!! So I’m going to have to name this one A Husky ate Your Bunny.



The fourth Surprise Bunny has blue and pink small bar glitters. I like how Mango Bunny Polish put in small bars so that they will lie flat on the nail. Hooray! It reminds me of confetti so I’m going to call this Bunny’s Confetti Party.



Thanks again to Mango Bunny Polish for sending these my way! I really enjoyed playing with this! I have some nail art looks with them coming up so make sure to stay tuned!!!

Author: Anne

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