Toilet Tree Professional Skin Care System

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Toilet Tree sent me their Professional Skin Care System to review. I didn’t accept the review right away because I was worried that brushing my face every day would irritate my very sensitive skin. When the Toilet Tree representative told me that there is a sensitive skin brush and a pumice stone brush, I was sold!

The day I got the brush in the mail, I put it together (read: inserted batteries and put on a brush head) and showed my husband. He asked if it was a sonicare for my face!! LOLOLOL! We then proceeded to have fun tickling each other with the rotating brush. (It was on our hands, people! Our hands! Get your head out of the gutter! Sheesh!)

I have been using this every morning and night for about a week. And. I. Love. It. It feels sooo good! The bristles are soft enough so they don’t irritate the skin, but they are stiff enough to massage and exfoliate. My skin was noticeable brighter after using this.


My second favorite attachment is the pumice stone. Dry skin comes with dry feet! I really enjoyed using this to massage the rough spots on my feet. Not only did it feel great, put it smoothed them out as well!


My favorite attachment of them all is the large body brush. It feels fabulous in the shower and it’s become a permanent fixture for me.  I squirt a little body wash on it and let the rotating bristles do the rest. It’s better than a loofah! The handle lets me get to the middle of my back and it gets all my itches out. :P

This little device feels so luxurious and I look forward to using it at the end of each day and in the shower in the morning. It’s not even expensive! I was checking out their site and I see it sells for $34.95 which isn’t bad at all! It also comes in different colors! (Should I be sorta mad they didn’t send it to me in pink? lol!)

The first night I used it, my makeup did stain the bristles a bit. After that, I started washing my face and then used the brush after. There’s nothing bad or wrong about staining the bristles…I’m just weird and like to keep things looking new. (An impossible task, I know!)

Thanks again to Toilet Tree for sending this my way! What do you think? Would you try a little gizmo like this?

Author: Anne

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