Sally Hansen Coral Reef Dupe?

A Facebook fan asked if I knew of any dupes for Sally Hansen Coral Reef. As you may know, Sally Hansen changed the formula on many of their most popular X-treme Wear colors (not a popular decision) and this exact color is no longer available. I pulled out the closest colors in my collection that I could find. Those happened to be Sally Hansen Peachy Breeze and Zoya Wendy.


Peachy Breeze is a shade darker while Wendy is a shade lighter. I think the closes would be Peachy Breeze, especially if you take formula in to account. Wendy was significantly thinner than the other two Sally Hansen polishes.dupe-for-sally-hansen-coral-reef

If you’re desperate for a dupe of Coral Reef, then I would recommend tracking down Sally Hansen Peachy Breeze. And you better do it quick! Who knows if they’ll change the formula on that one, too!!!

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Author: Anne

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