Rimmel Keep Calm and Lip Balm!

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Rimmel sent me four of their new Keep Calm and Lip Balm and the new Wonderlash mascara to show you! These products are available in drugstores nationwide.


The lip balms are meant to be a hint of color to simply accentuate the natural beauty of your own lips.


Swatches from left to right are Keep Calm and Party, Keep Calm and Kiss, Keep Calm and Shop, Keep Calm and Play.



Rimmel Keep Calm and Party is lightly purple tinted. I’m wearing it here, in addition to WonderLash. I do not have any other lip products on. I love the purple tint!


The next day I wore Keep Calm and Play in addition to WonderLash. This one has a super light coral tint.


Keep Calm and Shop is the un-tinted one in the collection. On the packaging, it says it’s your own lips, but better!


Keep Calm and Kiss is a light pink tint.


All four balms were nice and moisturizing! I even used them under lipsticks while working on this review and enjoyed them in that way as well. The Wonderlash Mascara builds well without looking like clumpy spider legs.

Author: Anne

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