Fairy Tale Finish July 2015

{Purchased By Me}

This month’s Fairytale Finish subscription box is another awesome pair of polishes! The add-on item this month is a sample pack of a mani bomb powder. (I seriously don’t understand mani bombs. Water is the worst thing for your nails…so why does soaking them in water for 15-20 minutes seem like a good idea? I sincerely want someone to explain this to me.)


First up, we have Fairytale Finish Crushed Garnet. This is a plum jelly with a nice splattering of glitter. I used three coats to get full opacity. This one is seriously gorgeous and when the glitters catch the light – it’s amazing!



Fairytale Finish Sweet Sapphire Sky is a blue microglitter with larger purple glitters. This one is also stunning! I used three coats of this with no undies for full coverage.



I’ve really been enjoying the Fairytale Finish Endless Fairytales box so far. This is only the second month, but so far I’ve loved wearing all four polishes!

Author: Anne

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