Lovely Skin Skincare Review

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Lovely Skin sent me two of their skin care products to review for you! I enjoyed reviewing their YoungBlood Primer so I was happy to review their cleanser and moisturizer.

The Gentle Cream Cleanser smells quite fresh and clean. It’s made with meadowfoam seed extract and olive oil extract so your skin doesn’t get dried out from the cleansing. This is really important to me since I have pretty dry, sensitive skin. I really have to baby my skin which makes me quite conservative about what skincare products I am willing to review.

The Mattifying Antioxidant Moisturizer has a bit of a strange smell that I can’t quite pinpoint. I was worried when I saw it was mattifying. Usually mattifying lotions dry my skin out a ton and I have to put a different moisturizer on afterwards. I’m happy to say that didn’t happen with this one. My skin didn’t feel quite as moisturized as when I use my usual moisturizer, but it didn’t feel like the Sahara Desert. I did not feel like I needed to put something else on top! If you have very dry skin, like me, you might want to try one of Lovely Skin’s non-mattifying moisturizers. This one would be great for someone with normal to oily skin.


Here is a shot of what the cleanser looks like. That is my real bathroom counter! My dad installed it for us after we bought the house. :)


And here is the moisturizer right before I used it  for the first time.


I used both these products daily for a week before writing this review. Since I have such sensitive skin, sometimes new products will give me a rash after a few days of use. (Nothing is sexier than a rash all over your face!) I’m happy to report that my skin feels great after a week of use with no rash in site. It seems slightly brighter and smoother which means my makeup looks better, too. :)

Author: Anne Smith

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