Michael Todd Eye Eraser Duo


This post is sponsored by Michael Todd who has an exclusive eye-eraser duo available only at Ulta.com. This is a never-before-seen application system. The eye eraser uses sonic, ionic, and thermal technology to apply the eye cream deeply and evenly. The sonic technology replaced the need to rub your eyes with gentle massaging. The ionic technology carries the cream’s ingredients under the skin’s surface where they are most needed. Finally, the thermal technology warms up and opens the pores while also increasing circulation, which will enhance your skin’s absorption of the anti-aging cream.



The duo comes with a AAA battery which you will insert into the applicator. This is how the applicator is powered. When you hold the metal edges and touch the applicator to your skin, it begins to vibrate and warm up.


The instructions state to spend a minute on each eye. You can put the cream on the applicator or right under your eye and then use the vibrating applicator to spread it around and allow it to soak in.


This was a very strange way to apply eye cream, but I have to admit, I really enjoy it. (Note: In the photos below, I am simply modeling the device. In reality, I apply the cream to clean, dry skin. I just didn’t think you needed to see makeup free pictures! :) )

The warmth of the applicator was very soothing and I felt refreshed after using it. It took a little getting used to, after all we don’t typically put vibrating, warm things near our eyes. After the first few applications, it became one of my favorite parts of my morning routine!


The Eye Eraser Duo can also be used on other areas of the face, such as around the mouth to reduce smile/frown lines.


Thanks again to Michael Todd and Ulta.com for sponsoring this post and sending me the Eye Eraser Duo to test out. So head to your nearest Ulta and get yours!

Author: Anne Smith

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