Sally Hansen Sun Sheen

{Purchased By Me}

I bought Sally Hansen Sun Sheen over a year ago…so it’s probably time that I used her, eh? Sun Sheen is from last year’s Satin Glam collection. This is two coats without a top coat. My husband will say that his favorite color is blue, but it’s actually orange, so obviously he loves this one.



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I don’t really have an update on my dog, Lena, yet. We decided to do the surgery at our regular vet’s clinic instead of the specialist’s clinic. It will be WAY cheaper that way. I wish money wasn’t a factor when determining care for my furbabies, but the sad reality is that it is a factor, and a big one at that. I called the clinic on Friday to schedule Lena’s lumpectomy but the scheduling coordinator won’t be back in the office until Monday or Tuesday. So at this point, I don’t even know when her surgery is! The good news is that she doesn’t know anything is wrong with her, so she is her usual, crazy self. 11017825_939896652588_3349922376511544612_n

Note: This shoe is not a mom-approved chewing toy. The irony is that I was heading out to go teach a dog training class and this is what she was doing!! SMH.

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