Orly Epix Review

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Orly has released a new formula called Orly Epix. I took advantage of Sally Beauty Supply’s June promo of buy 2 get 1 free to get a nice little sampling of this new line. The claim is that the formula will self repair dents and smudges until the polish is dry.


My first impression on the first coat was love. I was very impressed with the formula! It was buttery smooth and just the right consistency. Even if the “self repairs dents” claims didn’t hold true, I would still buy more of this line just because the formula is so great. I did do a dent test by pressing my fingerprint into a slightly damp nail. It did, indeed, self repair! Amazing! Not only that, but it dried really fast.

This is Orly Box Office Smash and is a lovely pink. Two easy coats and one coat of the special topcoat.



The special top coat does have a strange smell. I’m not sure how to describe it, exactly. It is almost a rubbery smell.


Orly Silver Screen is a metallic silver with an almost olive green tint to it.



Orly Green Screen is a light duochrome aqua color. I’m not sure why it’s called Green Screen. It’s an aqua chrome kind of color. It also doesn’t match the bottle color at all. However, it’s freakin’ gorgeous and I love it!



Orly Melodrama is a dark cobalt blue with tiny shimmer flecks. Another gorgeous winner from this line.



I will certainly be picking up more from this line. The formula is a dream and the colors are gorgeous! What do you think? Have you tried this new formula yet?

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