Beauty 360 and Pop-Arazzi

{Press Sample}

Beauty360 sent me two products and two Color Pop polishes to share with you! These brands are available at CVS.



Pop-Arrazi Shell Me More is a minty green cream. I used two coats for this swatch. It self leveled well after the second coat (although on the first coat, it did have me nervous!)



Pop-Arrazi Just Beachin’ is a lovely light blue cream polish. Again, this si two coats for this swatch.



These polishes both have an interesting smell. They don’t smell like normal polish, more like Kleancolor and other brands that have that strange, distinct, smell.

Beauty360 also sent me their ergonomic buffer. I rarely, if ever, buff my nails. The rare times I do is when I have a little peeling happening and I want to smooth out the edges so it doesn’t get worse. I can tell you that the design of this is great and as far as buffers go, this seems like it would be a good one!


Beauty360 also sent me their ergonomic nail clippers. I do use clippers when I want to take quite a bit of length of my nails…so I might be giving these a try soon! It’s getting pretty hard to typ these days! :P


Thanks again to Beauty360 and Pop-Arrazi for sharing these products with me! Have you tried either of these brands yet?

Author: Anne

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