Youngblood Mineral Primer Review

{Press Sample} sent me their YoungBlood Mineral Primer to review for you! The primer I usually use is really a BB cream, so I was interested to see how this would compare since the YoungBlood primer is colorless.


It went on very smoothly. I was pleased with how my foundation applied on top of this primer. I tested this primer out on a day where I had an important luncheon to attend. That was pretty risky! What if I had a makeup meltdown?! Luckily, YoungBlood Mineral Primer helped keep my foundation and skin looking great throughout the day.


I was most pleased with how the primer helped my concealer under my eyes. I have a lot of trouble with it looking cakey under there. I have such dark circles and they are a pain to cover up. I have to decide what’s the lesser of two evils? Looking like I didn’t get any sleep or looking like concealer exploded in my face. YoungBlood Mineral Primer helped keep the skin moisturized so it just looked like skin and not some sort of baking disaster! (Because it looks cakey! Get it? Get it? LOL. Sometimes my jokes are pretty darn stupid!…or hilarious?)


Thanks again to for sending this mineral primer my way! I will definitely be reaching for this everyday!

Author: Anne

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