Gallany Bougainvillea Lipstick Review

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Gallany sent me lipstick to review for you! The shade is called Bougainvillea (which is a kind of flowering plant). Bougainvillea is a lovely light pink. I first learned of Gallany Cosmetics in a recent Ipsy bag. Their lipsticks are very smooth, creamy, and flattering. I have very dry skin so I have to be careful what I put on my lips. Anything that dries out my skin will cause days of discomfort, even after I stop using it. I’m pleased to report that the Gallany lipsticks are nice and moisturizing so I can wear it everyday if I want!


I wore this shade to a family dinner and my mother-in-law went gaga over it. She’s the kind of person who won’t tell a false compliment, so you know she likes it if she says so!


I got my hair cut the day I was testing out Gallany Bougainvillea and I liked my bang swoop so much that I was compelled to do duckface. Which begs the philosophical question…Is it ok to do duckface if you know you’re doing it ironically???


Author: Anne

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