Swirly Nail Art Design

{Purchased By Me}

For today’s nail art, I used Revlon I’m Electro and Revlon Gwen’s Crush which are both from the 2014 Spiderman Collection. I used swirly decals from Polished Vino. I am quite impressed with Polished Vino. Her customer service is impeccable. I can specify that I want super sticky vinyls. I don’t know if you remember, but I was getting really frustrated with vinyls because none of them would stick properly to my super-curved nails. Well my problem has been solved with Polished Vino and Christy will be received 99% of my vinyl business from now on!


With super sticky vinyls, you need to make sure your nails are ALL the way dry. They need to be way more dry than when you’re stamping or doing scotch tape nail art. The super sticky vinyls will pull up your base color if it’s not cured all the way.


Author: Anne

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