New Releases from Pretty Serious Cosmetics

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Pretty Serious Cosmetics sent me three new releases from their “Stop, Collaborate, and Listen” polish collection. I first fell in love with Pretty Serious for the Killer Fangirl collection and I haven’t been disappointed in a polish of hers yet! Today, I have three gorgeous new selections. (Scroll to the bottom to see who collaborated on each polish!)

Pretty Serious Iktsuarpok

With such a unique (and hard to spell!!!) name, I just had to do a little googling. I found out that it is an Inuit word with no English equivalent. Apparently, it’s the feeling of anticipation when you’re waiting for someone to come visit and you keep checking outside to see if they’ve arrived yet.

Iktsuarpok is a gray polish with silver flecks. Perhaps reminiscent of stone, or a driveway where your friend might drive up to your house. ;)



Pretty Serious Kashmir

Kashmir is a stunning deep purple with lighter purple shimmers. Some of the shimmers are quite big, verging into flakie territory.



Pretty Serious Herald of the Skeleton War

Herald of the Skeleton War is a green jelly with blue and purple glitters. Some are even flakies! There is something quite unique and interesting about this one. I have to admit that I’ve never seen anything quite like it!




Pretty Serious Aqua Coat

The Aqua Coat is a thicker top coat that is intended to help satisfy thirsty glitters. It doesn’t dry particularly fast, so this is one you’ll want to keep just for those top coat eaters!


Thanks again to Pretty Serious Cosmetics for sending these beauties my way! Which one is your favorite??


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