Zoya Island Fun and Paradise Sun Swatches

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Zoya sent me their Island Fun and Paradise Sun collections to show you! These are their summer collections. Overall, I like the colors. However, some of them have formula issues and a few are stainers. To combat the staining, I used a nail whitening paste immediately after removing the polish. I’ve found that if you can remove the stain right away, it won’t be as bad as if you just leave it.

The Island Fun collection is a set of six cremes while the Paradise Sun collection is a set of six shimmers. I’ll show you Island Fun first so be sure to keep scrolling to see the fun shimmer polishes!

Zoya Jace

Jace is a medium toned green. It almost had a hint of jelly-ness to it on the first coat.



Zoya Serenity

Serenity is a bluish purple. It’s a pretty classic color.



Zoya Talia

Talia is an ocean blue. This is a bit more aqua-green in real life.



Zoya Cecilia

Cecilia is an ocean green. It has a touch more blue in real life. I have some nail art coming up that uses Talia and Cecilia as a gradient and they work quite well together!



Zoya Nana

Nana is a purpley-pink cream.



Zoya Demetria

Demetria is a classic red.



And those are the six Zoya Island Fun polishes! All the cremes were a touch thicker than I prefer which made application a little difficult. But, they are workable. I think the winners are Talia and Cecilia. What do you think?

Now for the Paradise Sun part of the collection…

Zoya Genesis

I had so much hope for Genesis but experienced so much disappointment. Genesis is a shimmery white but the formula is nearly impossible to work with. It’s thick, but still leaves streaks and bald patches. It might be workable if layered first over a creamy white so it doesn’t have to build itself up.




Zoya Selene

Selene is downright gorgeous. However, she’s the biggest stainer of the bunch so make sure you have a good basecoat on and some nail whitening paste on hand!



Zoya Mae

Mae is stunning. She’s a hot pink with purpley shimmers. Very eye-catching and a great, cheerful color for summer.



Zoya Aphrodite

Aphrodite is a red polish (the same tone as Demetria) but has beautiful sparkles in it.



Zoya Oceane

Oceane is a beautiful ocean blue with shimmer. This is another stainer, so be sure to have your whitening paste ready when you take this beauty off.



Zoya Isa

Isa looks a little too blue in my pictures but in real life, she is much more purple.



What do you think of these two collections? Do you like Paradise Sun or Island Fun better?

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