Behind the Scenes at Betty’s

I realized that I have never taken you on a behind the scenes tour of Betty’s Beauty Bombs Headquarters!! (Also known as the office in my house…)

Here’s where I sit every day doing manicures, editing photos, and chatting with you all. I have a nice view of our backyard where I can keep an eye on the neighbors. ;) My desk is all pieced together with supplies from Ikea. Oh God, how I love Ikea!



This bookshelf was purchased by my dad at an estate sale for my very first apartment 9 years ago. We toyed with the idea of getting rid of it because this thing is downright huge, but it made me sad!  My daddy got it for me! So instead, we purchased pieces of wood at Home Depot and I’m slowing converting it into polish storage… Sometimes I look at this shelf and think, “Holy crap; I have a lot of polish!” There’s also polish in all those drawers…


Here’s a closer shot of my workstation. I have all my essentials!! My super trendy Starbucks cup, my Proshaker, my awesome logic puzzles magazine…



My cuticle care is never far away!! I have a whole drawer dedicated to hand and cuticle care products. If they didn’t expire, I’m sure this collection would get out of control…or, dare I say it….out of hand?? My clear favorites are Bliss Kiss and Sunny’s Body Products.


Bandit is always helping me! He wants to make sure there is a dog hair in every single freaking nail photo I take. He does his job well…




Base coats, top coats, chapstick, oh my!! Yes, those are all chapsticks in those tins on the right. I have an addictive personality, ok?? And if lip smacker has a new Disney Princess chapstick collection, I’ll be darned if I’m not going to own it!



And finally, my nail art supplies! A drawer full of stamping plates and nail vinyls.


I hope you enjoyed this little peek behind the scenes! Be sure to follow me on Instagram for my real-life pics into my daily life!

Author: Anne

Blogging about makeup, dogs, and mostly NAIL POLISH!