How U by Kotex with 3D Capture Core saved my Undies


Ready for some real talk? Let me tell you a real story…


I was in my 9th grade Geology class and it was the first week of classes. We were taking a quiz on the names of all the US States and their capitals. I needed to get another pen out of my bookbag so I swiveled in my chair and leaned over. Much to my horror, there was a HUUUGE red stain between my legs. This was not my first period, as I’d already been having them for a year. I panicked! I knew I had a tampon in (because it wasn’t my first period! I thought I knew what I was doing!) so I didn’t know how this could have happened. I excused myself from the room with a face as red as my crotch.

Oh and did I mention our school uniform was a blue or white shirt and khaki pants???

Actual picture of me in high school.

Ever since then, I’ve never been caught without extra protection in my undies. U by Kotex with 3D Capture Core can save YOUR undies from such an embarrassing disaster! As we head into spring and we all start wearing lighter colors and fabrics, we need to make sure our favorite undies are safe from stains and accidents!


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