iZen ProShaker Review

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I’ve beein pining for the OPI iZen Proshaker for a loooooong time. I finally splurged and purchased it from Amazon.

I feel like it was a big purchase so I’ve made sure to use it every day for a few weeks before writing this review. I’d never want to recommend something that I haven’t tested well!!

Long story short, I freaking love it and I’m SO happy I purchased it!

Long story long, I had a little trouble getting this guy into my hot little hands. I was going to go postal on the Post Office. Luckily, iZen’s customer service went above and beyond to help me. They even personally called me to discuss the USPS problem. That was a lovely touch and gave me real trust that if something goes wrong, you’ll be able to talk to a human being. Once I finally received it, I ripped it out of its box eagerly! It’s nice and sturdy. I tried quite a few different bottle shapes and sizes. It fit my MDU and OPI mini bottles no problem. It will not fit your super strange shaped bottles – such as Julep or those ones shaped like a rear end. But the vast majority of bottles will work; no problem.

My husband thought it was a little silly for me to purchase something that just shakes polish for me. However, when it’s a daily occurrence and you have carpel tunnel in both wrists, this thing is a godsend. On top of that, I’ve never been able to get my Mundo de Unas polishes shaken very well once they start separating. (Well…until now!) The ProShaker handles those super-thick polishes like a champ.

If you’re getting sick and tired of trying to get polishes in proper shape for use, then the OPI iZen Proshaker is for you. Even if you don’t paint your nails every day like I do, it would still be a good purchase if you’re tired of rolling and shaking and shaking and rolling!

Watch this video to see the ProShaker in action!

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