Fakin’ Cherry Blossoms Nail Art with Glitter

{Press Sample}{Purchased By Me}

Jessica Robertson Mint to Be was originally sent to me as a press sample to swatch for you. I think green and pink look really nice together so I grabbed Enchanted Polish Life in Plastic, It’s Fantastic and decided to do a glitter gradient with it.


A friend of mine said she thought it looked like cherry blossoms and once she pointed it out, I agreed! I’ve never been able to mast freehand so I like this abstract version of one of my favorite nail art designs. :)


I finally went back to my Weight Watchers meetings on Monday. I’m really sad to say I’ve put most of the weight back on! (I’d lost 90 lbs and I’ve gained 70 of it back. YIKES.) I’m trying to get back into healthy habits but golly dang, it’s hard! Why does Taco Bell have to be so delicious!?

Author: Anne

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