OPI Skittle Nail Art

{Purchased By Me}

I rarely do skittle nail art. The whole concept scares me a little. Alicia over at Fixin to Faff gave me an excellent recipe: Pick 3-4 complementary colors, have a cream, a texture, and a glitter. Do as many different styles of nail art as possible. I thought that sounded like a recipe I could manage!

I selected:

OPI Chic From Ears to  Tail (baby pink with subtle shimmer)

OPI Solitaire (White texture sand)

OPI Blue Chips (holo glitter in a blue base)

OPI Shine For Me (Blue and silver glitter topper)

I was still a little scared at first….but I actually really like my end result. Thank you for the tips, Alicia!!! :*


My husband’s hilarious reaction to this mani went a little something like this: OMG! Each nail is different! I don’t even know what to think! It’s crazy! Like you! There’s a nail for each of your personalities!!!

LOL! He had me cracking up.




Author: Anne Smith

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