Dermelect Swatches and Review

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Dermelect sent me some selections from their new collection to show you!! I have heard of this brand before, but I’ve never tried it. I was extra thrilled when I saw they sent me more from their line than just polish!


They sent me four polishes, Memento Top Coat, and Revital-Oil. The packaging on all the products feels high-end. I would consider this a luxury polish just based on the packaging!


This is Dermelect Fant-a-Sea which is a light orange with shimmer. The formula dragged a little on the second coat, but with a light hand I was able to get even application.



Dermelect Lazy Daze was a shocking winner of this collection. I rarely, if ever, like yellow polishes, but this one is so buttery and creamy looking, I can’t help but like it!  Plus, something about it seems to make my nails look extra long! I have a feeling I’ll be pulling this one off the shelf many times!!



Revital-Oil is a nail and cuticle treatment. It is keratin peptide infused, contains shea butter, jojoba seed oil, coffee bean extract, and citrus oils. It isn’t too greasy and smells like citrus. You need to give it a good shake before application as the oils naturally separate. In my photo above, it might even look like the bottle is half empty (or half full…) but really it’s the lighter oil sitting on top of the heavier one. It’s an optical illusion!! :) I’ve been using this oil a lot in the last week or so and I love how quickly it soaks in. If I need to do some cleanup with acetone before taking pictures, I just dab a bit of this on (the brush applicator makes that easy) and my nails are photo-ready. I will 100% for-sure be replacing this bottle once I’ve used it all up.


Dermelect Memento Top Coat helps polish wear up to one week, has high shine, and works with any nail color. I can also attest that it does not smear stamping. Hooray! It dried quite quickly and I can say I would recommend this topcoat.


Dermelect Dune My Thing is a dusky lavender. I like how it’s a spring-like color without being uber-pastel. This formula was quite nice and I enjoyed painting with it.



Dermelect A Shore Thing is a light pink jelly. This would be the perfect pink for a french mani. This is also a fabulous ‘no-polish’ kind of look.



After having experienced Dermelect, I can confidently say my Dermelect collection will be growing. The formula is lovely and I am in love with that oil.

I hope you enjoyed looking at these Dermelect Swatches! I know I enjoyed doing them for you! Thanks again to Dermelect for sending these my way.

Author: Anne

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