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I was sent a large box of items from the Jessica Robertson spring break essentials collection, which is sold by Dr. Sun RX. In order to not overwhelm myself (and you!) I have broken out the nail polish swatches into a different post. :) I was sent two collections – the Spring/Summer and the Fall/Winter. First, I’m going to show you the Spring/Summer. The spring/summer bottles didn’t have names printed on them. Luckily, the company also sent me their catalog. I did my best to match up the names to the colors I received. Luckily, some of them were obvious! But if I made a mistake, I do apologize. Please let me know if I did and I will correct the post!

This is Jessica Robertson Mint to Be. This is a jelly formula so I needed three coats to get the opacity shown here.  The formula was a little tricky and I needed to wait for each coat to dry before moving on to the next (otherwise, I experienced dragging). Luckily, mint seems to be a crowd-pleaser as I got many compliments when I wore this color to work.



Jessica Robertson Bubbles is a purple-ish gray with silver shimmer. This one is two coats and was a nice, smooth formula. I’m not entirely convinced I got the name right on this one.



Jessica Robertson Princess Orchid is a pale lavender. This is another one with a jelly-like finish so I ended up doing three coats. The formula was a little easier to work with than Mint to Be, but you’re still going to want to be pretty patient with it.



Jessica Robertson Pink Splat is a coral cream. I used three coats of this one since I was experiencing some dragging and I wanted to make sure the coverage was even.



Jessica Robertson Tonal Blue is a nice sky blue. This is another crelly finish so I needed three coats for full coverage.



Jessica Robertson Miss Popular is one of my favorites of the collection! Who doesn’t love hot pink??



Jessica Robertson¬†Heart’s Desire is a really pretty crelly red. I did two coats of this one. I love how squishy and juicy it looks.



Jessica Robertson Rustic Red is a dark oxblood crelly. Another one that looks nice and squishy!



Jessica Robertson Taupe is a lovely nude that I think is quite flattering. I did two coats of Taupe.



Jessica Robertson Champagne Sand is a a lovely texture polish! I love texture polishes and if you do, too, then you’ll like the textures in this collection.


Jessica Robertson Silver Sand is the second texture. It went on nicely and dried fast!



Jessica Robertson Berry Sand is absolutely my favorite from all the swatches I have shown you today. It’s a rich berry color with hints of shimmery blue. It’s just stunning!



Jessica Robertson Satin Champagne is a golden shimmery color. It’s not super flattering on me, but it’s a lovely color none the less.



Jessica Robertson Totally Taupe is a milk chocolate creme. There’s something about this one that I really like, even though I don’t always like browns



Jessica Robertson Matte Gray is the exact color as the name implies. :) The formula was a little thick, but I managed to make it work. I love matte polishes. I think they are very fun to wear!



Jessica Robertson Rock On is a duochrome purple that has a bit of a blue shift. This is another one of my favorites in the collection.



And that’s all, folks! This could possibly be my longest swatch post ever! What did you think of these two new Jessica Robertson collections? Thanks again to Podz and Dr Sun RX for sending these my way!

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