China Glaze Road Trip Collection Nail Art

{Purchased By Me}

I picked up a mini set of the China Glaze Road Trip Collection at Sally Beauty a little while back. The set came with the collection of 6. Today’s nail art features five of them.

I started with three coats of China Glaze Dashboard Dreamer. I needed three coats because the formula was super tricky. It was very thin and hard to work with. The end result color is pretty, though. It’s a very light blue with hints of shimmer.


Then I used nail vinyls to stencil the designs on my nails. This is a shot posing with Boho Blue which is the blue… (Obviously!)


This shot is with My Way or the Highway which is a lovely teal. This is my favorite in the collection. I’m a big sucker for teal!


I Brake for Color is an orangey-red.


Finally, Trip of a Lime Time is a neon lime and is the most entertaining name.


Sadly, my topcoat smudged the nail art. You couldn’t really tell in real life, but with up-close pictures like this, it’s pretty obvious! This collection has pretty colors, but it’s nothing earth shattering. I was a bit disappointed in the formula all around.

Author: Anne

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