Jessica Robertson Spring Break Essentials

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Jessica Robertson (from Duck Dynasty) has come out with a new line of cosmetics, nail polish, and tanning lotions and Dr. Sun RX sent me them to show you!! I was sent a generous box full of items from her line so I could share them with you!

American Babe is a tanning lotion. It has a nice sweet scent that doesn’t seem too overpowering. This works very slowly, which is nice. That way, you don’t get weirdly tan all of a sudden. It took about three days of daily use for me to notice I was a few shades darker. As a woman with super fair skin, that was perfect for me. I don’t look like Casper anymore, but I also don’t look like a suddenly tan alien imposter.


Hidden Beauty Tan Maximizer aids in the natural tanning process. It smells sweet and flowery. I don’t go tanning (I’m pretty sure I’m allergic to the sun) but based on the quality of the American Babe White Bronzer, I bet this would work quite well.


American Dream contains black walnut extracts. This is an ultra dark bronzer that provides a tan look – with or without exposure to UV. It has a fun watermelon scent! This should give you a tan much faster than the American Babe White Bronzer and will be great for those of you who already have some color but want to add more.


American Love daily moisturizer helps promote smooth skin overnight. It has a ton of Vitamin D and smells like vanilla citrus. It’s quite smooth and made my face feel nice.


American Legs and XOXO are more bronzers. Legs is meant for your…you guessed it…your legs! It will provide an even bronze glow in a few hours. It also has a hair growth inhibitor. It smells of coconut (my favorite!!). This one works a lot faster than the white bronzer.

XOXO is a face bronzer that is oil free. This one is also fragrance free, which is really nice for those of us with sensitive skin!


Jessica Robertson Bronzing Powder is a slightly shimmery contouring and bronzing powder. I was pleasantly surprised at how smooth the formula was. A little goes a long way, especially for those of us with fairer complexions!




Jessica Robertson Lip Gloss – There are six glosses in this colloction: Cherry Red, Berry, Nude, Peach Mango, Iced Mocha, and Cotton Candy. They all have a slight flavor and scent – I want to say it’s something with a  vanilla base. I will be swatching these on their own in a separate post. I don’t want me (or you!) to get too overwhelmed with all the content in this post!



There are also two Jessica Robertson nail polish collections. This is the Spring/Summer collection and I will be swatching these in a separate post, so make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss it!


This is the Fall/Winter collection. I’ll swatch these along with the Spring/Summer polishes so stay tuned!!


What a great offering! Thanks again to Dr. Sun RX for sending me all these goodies to play with! Be on the lookout for at least three more posts featuring these goodies!

Author: Anne Smith

Blogging about makeup, dogs, and mostly NAIL POLISH!