The Rumors are True – Pipe Dream Polish Watermarble

{Purchased By Me}

The rumors are true! All over the internet are rumors that the Pipe Dream Polish A Night in Vegas watermarbles like a dream. Obviously, I had to do due diligence and test these out for myself. What kind of reliable blogger would I be if I didn’t? Right? Right? I picked three colors from the 7-piece collection: Light of Day (neon yellow), VIP Pass (neon purple), and Happy Hour (neon blue).

I used my usual watermarble decals method. Read about that right here. These were so easy to work with! It was amazing! If you can get your hands on these, you are going to be one lucky person! (They can be a little hard to come by due to their overwhelming popularity.)


I left the decals in the water for about 20 minutes when I started noticing they were pulling away from the edges of the cup. If that starts happening, it’s time to use them! You don’t want them to shrivel up so pull them out of the water if they start to shrink a little.


I think this is my best watermarble to date. I didn’t even feel the need to fairy dust it to cover up little blemishes! I did put a coat of white on before applying the decals so I could ensure that the neon would pop. These are much brighter in person. Neon is notoriously shy about photographing well.


Have you had the pleasure of doing a Pipe Dream Polish Watermarble?? What did you think? (Spoiler alert: I also heard that they can stamp well so I’m going to play around with that soon!)

Author: Anne

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