I Love Dogs Nail Art!!

{Purchased By Me}

In case you didn’t already know this, I must confess that I’m a crazy dog lady. There is also a rogue dog hair in pretty much every pic I’ve ever posted. Therefore, it is high time I did some dog themed nail art! This dogs nail art starts with three coats of Milani Capri. Then, I used Mundo de Unas Black and Vivid Lacquer Plate VL027 to create the design.


I actually wore this mani to one of the dog training classes I teach because I’m super fun like that. Except nobody noticed!! //sad face


I love how this one turned out and the stamping design form Vivid Lacquer is just perfect! The plate also has cats and birds on it if you’re not a dog person so it’s still worth checking out! :)





Author: Anne

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