Lauren B Beauty Swatches

{Press Sample}

Lauren B Beauty sent me two of their polishes to show you! These colors are inspired by the city of Los Angeles. All of the formulas are eco-and vegan-friendly, contain no harsh chemicals, and are made in the U.S.

First up, we have Lauren B Beauty Sunset Blvd which is a coral-red. I did need two coats for full coverage. Some of their advertising says their formula is a one-coater, but I’m more comfortable with two coats. The formula is quite smooth and I was pretty impressed with the ease of application.



Next, I have Lauren B Beauty LA Smog which is a classic gray creme. Again, I did two coats of this one and I’m very pleased with the formula.



Both formulas are quite glossy and you can almost see the reflection of my camera in my nails! Especially in Sunset Blvd! Lauren B Beauty has a lot more to offer including more colors, top coats, and cuticle oil! After my lovely experience swatching these two, I’ll be on the quest to add more Lauren B Beauty to my collection.

This was the first I’d heard of this brand. Have you heard of it before? What do you think?

Author: Anne

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