Introducing the Pretty Serious Museum of Nailentology

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Pretty Serious sent me three new polishes from their new Museum of Nailentology collection! In addition to the gorgeous colors, one of the things I love about Pretty Serious is their beautiful artwork, gorgeous packaging, and hilarious sense of humor. Here’s what Pretty Serious has to say about their new collection:

Welcome to the Pretty Serious Museum of Nailentology! The following exhibits are now on display, and replicas will be available for purchase from the Pretty Serious Gift Shop.

(Pretty Serious is based out of Australia, but they ship almost anywhere! They even have a US distribution center to get things to us ‘Mericans right quick!)

Eye of Copernicus
[ahy ov koh-pur-ni-kuh s]

It is said that Nicolaus Copernicus spent so much time staring into the night sky, unlocking the truths of our own solar system, that the light of the stars were absorbed through his telescope and were forever captured in its lens. The inky blue Eye with silver micro glitter flecks can be viewed in our Naileontology museum, and you can purchase your very own replica in the Pretty Serious souvenir store before you leave.


This is two easy and smooth coats of EoC. It’s a dark blue jelly with microglitter and looks just like the night sky on a clear summer night.


Since this reminds me so much of the night sky….obviously I had to stamp stars on top!


Khepri’s Amulet
[kh-E-pri s am-yuh-lit]

Khepri, the ancient Egyptian Scarab God, was once believed to have pushed the sun across the sky and down into the underworld, emerging with it the next day, moving the sun into the morning sky. He was associated with rebirth, renewal and resurrection, and scarab beetle amulets were placed on the hearts of the dead during mummification. The most powerful of these amulets was said to be created by Khepri himself and shines with the glimmering golden green shimmer of the Scarab God himself. The amulet is now on display in our Naileontology museum, with high quality replicas made with modern day technology available in the Pretty Serious souvenir store.


I just can’t even handle this one. I’m a sucker for duochromes to begin with and I love a good teal polish. This is both. Me. Oh.My.


The Dragon’s Curse
[th-uh drag-uh n s kurs]

Many thousands of years ago, a powerful mecha-dragon and his many minions are said to have come close to enslaving the world. The legend tells of their defeat at the hands of a teenage boy who hunted down the mecha-dragon to his lair and slayed him with his sword. However, the dragon’s last breath was cursed, transforming the boy into a man sized lizard. We have captured the last remnants of The Dragon’s Curse from the recently discovered mecha-dragons lair and bottled it up for display in the museum of Naileontology. You can buy your own replica bottle from the Pretty Serious souvenir store, which is completely unavoidable if you plan to exit the building.



This is two coats of The Dragon’s Curse which is a gorgeous light green with golden shimmers. As usual, the formula is fantastic!


What do you think of the Pretty Serious Museum of Nailentology collection? I love these three colors and I can’t wait to see what else the unearth in this series!

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