Morgan Taylor Cinderella Collection Pick

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I couldn’t help myself. When I saw Morgan Taylor The Best Ball Gown Ever at CosmoProf, I had to get it. It just looked so pretty! I’m boycotting most Cinderella collections because the movie looks so boring. Don’t get me wrong – it looks well done and the dresses and makeup are beautiful, but there doesn’t appear to be any sort of new ideas involved. Based on the previews, it looks just like the Disney cartoon, but live action. I love the Disney cartoon, but do I need to see it IRL with hardly a script change? No. I do not. I hope I’m wrong and that it’s the best movie ever…so if you see it, let me know!

Morgan Taylor The Best Ball Gown Ever is a light blue duochrome that shifts to a greenish gold.


This is two coats. Based on the color in the bottle, I expected this to lean more blue. Once it is on the nail, it leans a lot more greenish gold no matter what angle I hold my nails!


For a little nail art, I used Konad Princess Pink and a design from Pueen plate 97.



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