Finger Paints Endless Wear Swatches

{Purchased By Me}

For the month of February, Sally Beauty had all Finger Paints as buy one get one free! So obviously I had to pick up some more of the Finger Paints Endless Wear collection. I did a review and a wear test of the new formula here. I’ve seen people asking around the internet how to apply Finger Paints Endless Wear polish and the answer is – like any regular polish. It doesn’t need anything special and it removes like regular polish, too! :)

This is Finger Paints I Louvre You which is a light, shimmery pink. I used three coats because at two, I still had a visible nail line. VNL’s are just as bad as visible panty lines. We all know you have on underwear. You didn’t need to prove it. I guess that’s why thongs were invented. Too bad there’s not a fingernail version of a thong. Or maybe there is? Perhaps a tinted base coat or something? Oh. Sorry. You came here to look at pretty things and here I am talking about underwear. Well…let’s get on to the nails!



Second, we have FingerPaints Abstract Amethyst. This is a creamy purple with some ninja shimmer in it….meaning that I didn’t notice the shimmer in the bottle, but I did when I applied it on my nails! This one is pretty thick and was hard to work with.



 The following two polishes are not from the Endless Wear collection, but they asked nicely if they could be in this post so I let them. This one is FingerPaints You Can Crayon My Shoulder which is a red jelly full of red glitters. I think this is absolutely gorgeous! This formula was easy to work with and I only needed two coats.



This guy is FingerPaints Art You Wondering? which is a clear jelly base with teal microglitters. I needed three generous coats on this one to get full coverage but since it’s in a clear base, you could also use this as a glitter topper over a variety of colors.



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